Frank L. Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

Frank L. Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

AWAI Contest Winners

When your marketing copy converts, you win!

Marketing to Win!

Two months in a row, I entered the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) Writer's Life challenge -- and won!

Each contest had 3 winners out of over 300 entries. There's no first, second, or third place -- just the 3 winners.

These are fictional brands based on real products. This page contains affiliate links to the real products on Amazon.

“It’s Ridiculous - As If Dinner Made Itself”

“I put in the ingredients, went to work, and dinner was ready when I got home.”  - Carla, Riverside CA

Introducing EazyPot, the programmable slow cooker that makes cooking ridiculously easy.

√ Up to 10 hours cooking time

√ No stirring - heats evenly

√ Avoid overcooking - switches to warm setting when cooking’s done

√ Easy Cleanup

You’ll never have to spend hours in the kitchen to get a home-cooked meal again.

See How Ridiculously Easy Dinner Can Be...

The EazyPot Slow Cooker Makes Ridiculously Easy Meals

Nick Usborne Says...

"What I like about it is that he put the reader center stage."

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“Clean Air Lets You Sleep Better! Who Knew?”

“My allergies used to keep me up at night. Nothing helped… “...antihistamines… decongestants… nasal sprays… allergy shots…

“Then my allergist suggested the SpringDawn Air Purifier.

“When I turned it on, I noticed a difference within minutes! Every breath felt like it was clearing my sinuses.

“It has a whisper-quiet ‘sleep’ setting. I set it to ‘Medium’ because I sleep even better with a little white noise.”

- Abe B.

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Wake Up Refreshed With Clean Air From SpringDawn