Frank L. Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

Frank L. Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

Mobile Apps are Obsolete!

The PersonifyNow Web Card Gives Customers Access to Your Business Without Using Internal Memory

This page is both a sample of my copywriting skills and an affiliate marketing vehicle.

In other words, if you buy the product from a link in this page, I might get a small commission.

No Need to Download

People have too many apps on their mobile phones.

They have an app for their banking...

... for their insurance...

... Uber, Door Dash, Favor...

... a favorite game or two...

But then, when they go to download a new app, their phones pop up the message:

"Not enough memory to download this app."

And it suggests some apps they can remove to make room.

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PersonifyNow is More Than an Online Business Card

A Better Way to Engage Your Customers

It's not just a business card. It's a digital marketing platform.

• Lead Generation — Make a special offer in exchange for signing up for your list.

• Set Appointments — Connect with your calendar app.

• Link to promos and offers.

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Earn Customer Loyalty

With the PersonifyNow Loyalty Card, you can connect your customers with promos and special offers.

When a customer signs up for your loyalty program, they get an icon on their home screen with your logo.


The icon connects customers with your online loyalty card.

It uses only a tiny amount of memory on the device. Customers don't have to give up another app to use your loyalty card.

And that reduces the ABANDONMENT RATE of user signup.

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The PersonifyNow Loyalty Card is Perfect for Restaurant Owners

PersonifyNow is Ideal for Realtors, Solopreneurs, Network Marketers, and More

A Personalized Platform

It's ideal for:

• Network marketers

• Real estate agents

• Restaurants

• Solopreneurs

• Students

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