Frank Mitchell, Direct Response Copywriter

Copywriting Sample: Corporate Trainer/ Speaker

Build the Winning Team

Copywriting Sample of Sales Flyer for Corporate Training

Copywriting Sample of Sales Flyer for Corporate Training

Shawn Johnson

Speaker, Coach, and Trainer

- Increase workplace harmony

- Reduce employee turnover

- Foster organization loyalty

- Improve worker performance

“My team of businesswomen were all inspired and motivated…”

     -Marketing Manager

3 Inspiring Keynote Conferences

Equipping Emerging Leaders

 Nurturing leadership at all levels to drive success.

How to find and recruit the right leaders for your organization.

Increasing and reinforcing work satisfaction through leadership development.

Communicate To Connect

How to give performance feedback that motivates team members.

What makes different generations and personality types feel appreciated in the workplace.

Employee turnover is costly. Learn how effective communication helps attract and retain blue-chip talent.

3 Steps To Building the Perfect Team

Get the proven formula for creating a harmonious multi-generational workplace.

How creating age-diverse teams sparks innovation and fuels creative problem-solving.

The saying goes, “A happy employee is a productive employee.” Learn the secret to a happy and productive workforce.