Frank Mitchell, Direct Response Copywriter

Food Service Copywriting: Restaurant Sales Letter

Frank Mitchell is a Food Service Industry Copywriter

Frank Mitchell is a Food Service Industry Copywriter

Sunday Brunch at Rio Mambo

This was an assignment for the American Writers and Artist Inc. (AWAI) Accelerated Copywriting Course. Rio Mambo is not an actual client (yet).

You’re Invited This Sunday -RSVP Right Away So I Can Reserve Us a Table: They’re Going Fast…

 The OnlyAuthentic Tex-Mex Brunch in Town is Here! Mimosas and Poinsettias are 99 Cents!

Dear Clint:

I have made an amazing discovery right here in our hometown: the greatest Tex-Mex restaurant in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex opened a new location just down the street AND THEY SERVE THE ONLY AUTHENTIC TEX-MEX BRUNCH IN TOWN!

Relaxed, quiet ambience

 When you enter into the restaurant, you’ll notice the soft lights of the interior, and the pleasant decor, not the eye-sore clashing colors you see in other Tex-Mex Places.

There are 2 dining areas with 36 tables and a bar with 16 tables.

Or, if you prefer, we can enjoy the fresh outdoor air on the patio (according to the weather forecast, we should have pleasant weather).

Even though there are so many tables, they fill up quickly for Sunday Brunch, so be sure to answer before 6 pm.

You can choose from the Omelettes Menu…

I can guarantee you’ll be truly delighted if you try one of their omelettes…

With the 3 Cheese omelette you’ll experience the sensation of melty Monterrey Jack, the mild sharpness of Cheddar and hint of earthiness from the Añejo cheese…

Or maybe you’ll enjoy the smoky flavor of ham and a tasty blend of Monterrey Jack and Cheddar in their Ham and cheese omelette

And then there’s the mouthwatering taste of their slow-cooked Brisket omelette with succulent sautéed onions topped with rich Monterrey Jack cheese and tangy, spicy ranchilla sauce…

And how about the tender beef Fajita omelette, with creamy, melty, Monterrey Jack and Cheddar on top? Makes your mouth water just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Of course if you’re concerned that the next time your mom calls she might ask if you are eating your vegetables, the meaty sautéed mushrooms, freshly harvested and healthy zucchini, classic eyesight-enhancing carrots, and poblano pepper (also reputed to contribute to healthy eyesight as well as being rich in antioxidants) of the Vegetable omelette is sure to make her proud.

Or go for an explosion of flavor with The Mexican omelette! It has smoky, spicy chorizo, zippy sautéed poblano and red peppers, fresh tomatoes and hearty papas mexicanas (diced roasted potatoes). The Mexican is topped with creamy Monterrey Jack and Cheddar cheeses and zingy salsa roja.

…Or choose one of their authentic Tex-Mex Platos…

I’ll most likely make my choice from the Platos menu:

Chorizo con Huevos. a breakfast Tex- Mex classic. It’s just what it sounds like- smoky, spicy Mexican chorizo mixed into hearty, stick-to-your-ribs scrambled eggs.

Migas, also a Tex-Mex classic. Those stick-to-your-ribs scrambled eggs again- but this time mixed with a luscious blend of onions, peppers and tomatoes. Also crunchy tortilla chips, melty cheese, and tangy salsa roja (you can add smoky, crispy bacon if you like for only $2.00).

And the Platos menu also offers the Tex-Mex favorites:

Chilaquiles. Two over-easy eggs on top of a corn tortilla with an ambrosial salsa verde.

Huevos con Barbacoa. Two eggs over easy with lip-smacking Mexican Barbecue. (Please note that consuming undercooked eggs, the FDA warns, exposes you to risk of food-borne illness).

The bottom line is you absolutely must join me for The Mambo King Brunch, the greatest brunch experience in town, at Rio Mambo this weekend!

When you go to Rio Mambo for weekend brunch, they start you off with a plate of the tastiest fresh seasonal fruit, and you chose from one of the delectable dishes mentioned above from the Omelettes or Platos menus.

And then you finish with luxurious sopapillas or a cinnamon roll (can’t you smell them now)?

And that’s not all… Your Mambo King Brunch includes your choice of mimosa (fresh-squeezed sunny bright orange juice and champagne) or poinsettia (tangy cranberry juice with champagne). Can’t you feel the bubbles tickling your nostrils now?! And BEST OF ALL- YOU CAN GET ADDITIONAL MIMOSAS AND POINSETTIAS FOR ONLY 99 CENTS EACH!

Please enjoy responsibly- make sure you download an Uber or Lyft app.

Here’s what people are saying about the new Rio Mambo location:

"Great service"

 "First off, let me tell you our waiter Gilbert was amazing he treated my friends and i like kings. Would definitely come back for great food, drinks and service. Special thanks again to Gilbert!"


"We eat here at least 2-3 times a month. The food is delicious, the service is great, and the atmosphere is very nice with interesting decor. You will not be disappointed. Everything we’ve ordered on the menu was very good."

"A notch above your traditional Tex-Mex restaurant"

"Have really enjoyed their great menu which has some of the traditional Tex-Mex dishes, but also has some unique dishes as well. Great atmosphere for couples and families."

All this authentic Tex-Mex cuisine for only $13.99, and additional classic champagne drinks for just 99 cents each!

I am so certain that you will be delighted with the authentic Tex-Mex Brunch experience that I will make the following guarantee: If after meeting me for the King Mambo Brunch at Rio Mambo this weekend you don’t agree that it’s the best brunch experience in town, I will pay your check myself!

That’s right- if you aren’t completely dazzled by the experience of an authentic Tex-Mex brunch, then it’s on me. I will even tip the wait staff on your behalf.

Let's Review:

• Authentic Tex-Mex Brunch right in our own hometown.

• A plate of flavorful fresh seasonal fruit Choose from their delectable Omelettes or Platos menus.

• Finish with tasty sopapillas or an aromatic, sweet-smelling cinnamon roll.

•Includes a classic champagne drink - mimosa or poinsettia. And you can have additional mimosas or poinsettias for just 99 cents each.

So I’m sure you’ll agree that there is no reason not to try the King Mambo Brunch at Rio Mambo this weekend. So how about Sunday around 10 am?

Brunch is served from 10am to 2pm, but I like an early start on things. Just click reply to this email and give me your answer before 6 pm.

Your friend,

Frank L. Mitchell

P.S. It’s just $13.99 and additional mimosas and poinsettias are just 99 cents each. This is the ONLY authentic Tex-Mex brunch in town, not only do they have the best Tex-Mex food, but their champagne drinks- mimosas and poinsettias- are to die for. See you on Sunday!

P.P.S. Remember- reservations for Sunday will fill up quickly, so please respond right away.