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Chatbot Copywriting Connects You With Customers 24/7

Chatbot Copywriting Can Engage Your Customers Day and Night

Chatbot Copywriting Can Engage Your Customers Day and Night

Chatbots are on the rise! No, they won't enslave mankind. But they will change the way we do business. Right now, bot builders write the messages. The more prevalent chatbots become, the more businesses will need chatbot copywriting.

Don't get me wrong. A lot of bot builders are okay writers. But if you want to beat your competitors, you'll need chatbot copy that engages your audience in a way that sounds natural — like they're texting with a real person.

It's Just Like Texting — Because It Is!

A lot of people prefer texting over other kinds of communication. Chatbots let your customers text your business any time of day or night.

✅ Schedule appointments

✅ Download reports

✅ Open a shopping cart

And a whole lot more.

Chatbots Are Always On the Job

I used to work in a call center for a major cellular phone company. Even though 90% of our business was outsourced to India, the incoming call volume was overwhelming.

Of course, NOBODY calls their cell phone company to say how pleased they are with the service. Nope. When they call, there's a problem.

They're already frustrated. Then they're put in a holding queue. At peak times, the wait could be 20, 30, 40 minutes, or more.

By the time they speak with a real person, they're steamed!

But with chatbots, they get a response instantly. Bots can gather info, answer routine questions, and other tasks. If the situation needs a live person, chatbots can connect them.

And bots can connect the customer with the right person to address their needs.

Chatbots Get You Qualified Leads

Getting new clients is essential for building any business. But you can't be on the job 24/7. That is if you're not a robot.

But chatbots never sleep. They don't need to go out back for a smoke. They don't need an hour for lunch.

You can integrate your chatbots into popular messaging apps. There's no need to create a separate app for your business.

And if you think about it, it's better if you don't make your customers download an app. Why?

Because most people don't have memory space on their mobile devices for a whole lot of apps. 

Do Your Chatbot Messages Do the Job?

Good chatbot copy can make all the difference in your customers' user experience (often called UX).

Find out if chatbot copy is right for your business. Shoot me a message.